I am super duper excited...

Go To Post     I am super duper excited to launch Cabbages into the world, with her being available to purchase this Sunday 2nd at 3pm SA time here on my Insta page & FB page I would just love this piece to go to a special home. I have quite enjoyed looking at her and smiling every time, to think that I have cabbages hanging on my wall. I'm sure mum would be impressed as they certainly weren't my favourite veggie growing up! This piece has seen quite the journey from its start right at the beginning of COVID, right through the interesting home schooling period until now. Many people are still facing many hardships which hopefully a little bit of art and something pretty will help ease worries for a second. More details to follow over the next couple of days. Jaime xx #australianart #australianpainting #artforsale #australianartist #artcollecting #cabbagesart #art #artistpainting #collectpainting #jaimeprosserart #jaimeprosser #cabbages

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