Desert & Blue Bush Landscape

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Title:  Desert & Blue Bush Landscape

Medium:  oil on linen
 Size:  31x31cm




This is a little oil painting on stretched linen which was a joy to paint.  For this piece I was inspired by the unique landscapes of central Australia.  In particular the subtle contrasts of the distant range against soft red earth and the gorgeous blue native bushes that grow there.  The range of soft colours on an overcast day were appealing to me, with the pastel colours drawing my interest.  On the day that I discovered this scene we had visited many of the gorges near the amazing Alice Springs.  We saw so many striking visual images with this one sticking with me until I returned home to my studio.  I looked forward to creating this landscape into a painting and am in love with the resulting artwork.  Every time I look at it I am whisked back to the warm red dirt of outback Aussie.

I have always been inspired by the rich colours and vast landscapes of the outback and am very excited to be revisiting a theme I have enjoyed painting throughout my art practice.  One of my first canvases depicting the Australian Outback was selected and hung in The Paddington Art Prize for Landscapes.

This original artwork comes unframed, ready to hand as stretched linen painted around the edges as seen in the photos.  If you would like it framed before I lovingly pack and send it to you, please contact me and I can arrange for my professional framer to do this for you at addition cost.


     •  the copyright remains with the artist, it is not transferable with this sale 
     •  colours of the artwork may vary slightly from the image on the screen