Northern Road - AUSTRALIAN ART

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Northern Road - AUSTRALIAN ART

A beautiful reproduction of prize winning Northern Road, 2010 printed on archival 100% acid free fine art paper and canvas.  Available in various sizes and framed options for you to choose from.

These wall prints & cards are of a prizewinning painting which was inspired by some old rusty mailboxes in the middle of nowhere.  It was worth the U-turn to take a lot of photos which have been a great source for creating some pieces.  Always a favourite among those that see it.

Print sizes

$30 small A4 paper print - approx image size 18x27cm

$55 medium A3 paper print - approx image size 26x39cm

$78 large A2 paper print - approx image size 37x56cm

$80 unstretched canvas print - approx image size 35x52cm

$130 stretched canvas print ready to hang - approx 30x45cm

$230 stretched canvas with custom made raw oak box frame - approx 35x52cm

$280 paper print with custom made white frame - approx 60x86cm