Palm Leaves & Sun-Bleached Walls - AUSTRALIAN ART

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Palm Leaves & Sun-Bleached Walls - AUSTRALIAN ART

A beautiful beach canvas wall art reproduction of Palm-Leaves & Sun-Bleached Walls, 2017 printed on archival 100% acid free fine art paper and canvas.  Available in various sizes and framed options for you to choose from.

These wall prints & cards are of a painting which was inspired after walking down an old side street in the little fishing village of Robe.  The large green entwined leaves of the palm cast gorgeous shadows across the whitewashed walls.

Prints sizes

$30 small A4 paper print - approx image size 18x25cm

$55 medium A3 paper print - approx image size 26x35cm

$78 large A2 paper print - approx image size 39x53cm

$80 unstretched canvas print - approx image size 35x48 cm

$130 stretched canvas print ready to hang - approx 30x40cm

$250 stretched canvas with custom made raw oak box frame - approx 40x52cm

$280 paper print with custom made white frame - approx 70x85cm