1 more sleep until ‘Cabbages’...

Go To Post     1 more sleep until ‘Cabbages’ launch day😀 A few more photos here to check out, with some close ups of the details. I have quite enjoyed the past few days photographing her and really contemplating the final piece. Displaying my own work for you to see is a conflicting experience for me. I feel excited to share what I have been creating alone in my studio, and then moments of self questioning, wether I am completely happy with the piece, what are others going to think. Even after 20 years of showing my art!! But here goes nothing, jumping in the deep end. I love this piece in all of its humble glory. I hope that it stirs up some connections and emotions with others as they contemplate perhaps what beauty in a painting means to them. Is it the way the artist has physically painted the canvas, the colours that appeal or that something humble is focused on in that moment to be interesting. Tomorrow at 3pm I will have this piece up for purchase, if you’re keen make sure to put a reminder somewhere, fridge, phone, write on your hand. The process is pretty simple, the first to comment SOLD on the post here or FB will have ‘Cabbages’ shipped to them for free along with a certificate of authenticity and I will add a limited edition print of the piece for the new owner to share with a lucky friend or favourite sister🙌. The details of the piece are an oil on linen measuring 76x61cm The price is $2000 I realise that this maybe hard to achieve for some at the moment so I will be able to offer an arrangement of monthly payments to the purchaser if need be. Please feel free to ask me any questions about the artwork. I hope to see (so to speak) you tomorrow Jaime x

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