Winning an Art Prize


I was lucky enough to win an award at the opening to the Tatiara Art Prize over the weekend.  It can often feel like a gamble entering, but as an artist I often can feel like I am on display through my work to be judged and considered.  But if I don't push myself and stay in the safety of my studio I don't get the rewards.  The local art prize is a thrill as I love to reflect on the area I live in through my work.  This painting is no different.  It is of an unremarkable side-street, influenced by the beautiful seaside town of Robe.  I find the scene intriguing through the intricate shadows and textures of the concrete, the white wash wall and corrugated iron fence. The hint of a life behind the wall, through glimpses of tree tops and the power-lines disappearing into the distance.

Keep pushing I guess xx